World of Warcraft players have been chomping at the bit for the Karazhan reboot since its teaser last month. Blizzard finally ended the suffering with a post on the game’s website, detailing the release and giving users an October 25th release date to look forward to- just in time for Halloween.

Karazhan was originally released during the Burning Crusade expansion, and was an incredibly detailed 10-man raid. It’s well known as one of the most memorable and whimsical of the World of Warcraft instances. The tower, in game, is the last home of the Guardian of Tirisfal, Medivh, and is nestled on a nest of Ley Lines, making it a magical powerhouse. The tower shut itself off from the world when its master died, and opened for the first time to max level players in 2007.

Blizzard’s plans to revive the old instance as a level 110 dungeon during the Legion expansion was met with open arms by players, and the 5-man mythic dungeon is already heavily hyped. Return to Karazhan will involve players protecting the magical tower from the Legion, “who have descended in full force in an effort to open a new front in their way on the denizens of Azeroth,” says the Adventure Guide.

World of Warcraft’s patch 7.1, Return to Karazhan, releases on October 25th.

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