One of the producers behind Dark Souls apparently hopes– and his team perhaps intends– to bring Dark Souls to virtual reality.

Prior to the Golden Joystick Awards 2016, host Julia Hardy sat down with Dark Souls 3 producer Atsuo Yoshimura to discuss the series and his experience interacting with its fan-base. Hardy’s interview style is off-the-cuff, and a lot of her questions were about Yoshimura’s personal experience, so it clearly catches him a bit off guard when she asks him, “What’s your take on VR? Are you for or against? Do you like the idea of it? Are we going to see Dark Souls in VR? Because that would be so terrifying. Could you imagine? You’re like looking up at a thing up here.” She mimes this motion before suddenly leaning in and asking, “Can you make one, does that mean yes?”

Yoshimura’s answer, then, seems rather candid. “Uhm…Yes? We’re hoping, we’re hoping, yes.” (This exchange begins at 52:30 in the below video; the interview starts at 45:36).

Considering the proliferation of “Dark Souls GO” memes in the wake of Pokemon GO, and the near-rabidity of Dark Souls fans for more series content, it could be a smart move for the franchise– particularly with series mastermind Hidetaka Miyazaki moving away from the franchise, it may be best to revisit old games in HD or VR remakes, or to focus on gameplay enhancements over truly continuing the story.

Given FromSoftware’s relationship with Sony, releasing Bloodborne as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, if Dark Souls was coming to any VR, PlayStation VR would almost definitely be among them. Beyond this speculation, all fans can do for now is hope.

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