Fans of Battleborn have been hanging about on the subreddit for the game, thinking of ways they could fix up low server population. The final suggestion was to get together on November 12th and have an unofficial “Battleborn Day” where they invite people to play and help them understand the game. In a beautiful show of support, Gearbox took notice in the thread and the fake holiday. In their latest round of patch notes, they announced that Battleborn Day would be a real thing, including making an in-game event for it.

The event will take place all weekend, ending on Sunday at 8am PT. Battleborn Day includes a lot of cool stuff, including a special PVP queue featuring all game modes and fan-favorite maps. Players are allowed to vote on which maps and modes they want, in order to show newbies which ones are the most fun.

They’re also hosting a Community Super Event, detailing it on the website, saying, “Do you like Lootpocalypse? How about Play with the Devs, Double XP, and Double Credits? If you answered yes to any of these, how would you like all four… AT THE SAME TIME? During this event, not only will members of our team be out and about in Battleborn and playing with the community, we’ll also “flip the switches” on Double XP, Double Credits, and Lootpocalypse – which means more XP, more credits, and more LOOT!”

In addition to all that, all characters will be temporarily unlocked for everyone and there will be a 20% off sale on the marketplace for taunts and skins, and they’re selling a limited time Legendary Loot Pack.

The patch notes include two codes for titles, the first indicating that you celebrated Battleborn Day with your fellow players, and the second, “Battleborn Day Guide” which Gearbox stresses should only be applied if you’re willing to represent the most kind and helpful of the Battleborn community. The event is by the community, for the community, and Gearbox wishes to just add a couple special touches to make their fans feel appreciated.

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