A new fun interactive game that people around the world have been experiencing are Escape the Rooms. If you have never heard of these, they are places you go and get put into a room with secrets and clues to solve and eventually make your way out. Informed from a press release, the developer Rabbit Mountain has created a title to bring this experience right to you. Welcome to Haunted Rooms.

Released for Android and iOS, Haunted Rooms is a mobile VR game that places players in the middle of an unfolding thriller. Immerse yourself inside these virtual rooms and solve all the puzzles to escape. Each room that you are able to leave will unlock more mysteries to the overall story.

Since Haunted Rooms is an episodic tale, more rooms will be released on a regular basis, keeping players coming back for more and enticing them to keep up wit the continuing narrative. It can be played on all Google Cardboard compatible headsets, but can also be played without any VR at all. Touch controls work just as well to make your way through each labyrinth.

If you are looking to give yourself a thrilling adventure that tests your puzzles solving skills, Haunted Rooms is just the thing for you. Get it today.

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