MapleStory is set to receive a major update that fans have spent almost ten years waiting for. The update brings the long awaited 5th Job Advancement, as well as other key gameplay changes that will alter the way players currently play the game.

Quang Quach, Managing Director at AsiaSoft, commented on the update in a press release. He states, “We are extremely excited to roll out the 5th Job Advancement which players have been waiting for, for almost ten years. With a new boss, Lucid, a new continent, Arcane River, a new area, Chew Chew Island, and various revamps, the game-changing patch is definitely worth the wait. The new patch demonstrates MapleStory’s commitment to creating unique gameplay experience for every player.” The Advancement will be available to all 39 characters and will give players a variety of gameplay options.

The company has also announced that with this new update we will see the removal of the damage cap from the game. The patch will also adjust the learning curve from level 60 to 200 allowing players to level quickly in order to reach the fifth job advancement faster, as well as a new Arcane system and level 200 Arcaneshade equipment sets. Changes to Party quests are also on the way, allowing players to receive greater rewards upon completion of this content. Players will have access to new areas to explore, as well as improvements to the game’s UI and an increase in inventory space.

The new MapleStory patch is now available for pre-download. That way you will be ready to enjoy these new changes once the patch drops on the 23rd.

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