Heroes & Generals, the free-to-play MMOFPS from developer Reto-Moto, has over 9 millions players. Like most games with such a large player-base, it can be tough to find people who are willing to work together when playing team games. So to help encourage more cooperative play, Reto-Moto is updating the game to ensure that team players are rewarded.

The Hallowes – XP for Friends update focuses on rewarding players who support their team. Players will now get XP bonuses when assisting in a kill, when protecting their team’s tank, and when teammates use their vehicle’s weapons.

In addition to these changes, there also some tweaks to the visuals and the design of the maps. In a press release, Game Director Jacob Andersen said, “As part of the update all maps have been improved to ensure a better gameflow and allow for more intense battles. Tweaks have been made to the animation system resulting in a smoother visual experience. And we have added more bicycles to the game.”

Another major change in this update is that the game is no longer playable in a browser. Up until now, Heroes & Generals had been playable in an internet browser such as Chrome or Firefox, without needing to install anything. Reto-Moto’s press release states “the browser is no longer a suitable platform for a high end game experience,” and “a fully client-based game is better suited for future development and features planned for Heroes & Generals.” This means if you have been playing the game in your browser, you will now need to either download a game client (available from their website) or download the game through Steam.

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