Resident Evil 7 wowed audiences when it debuted during E3 2016. Now, after waiting half a year, gamers can finally pre-order the game.

The base game is priced at $60 and comes with the Survival Pack DLC pre-order bonus. This DLC pack gives players extra healing items, a “lucky coin,” and early access to the “Madhouse Mode” difficulty; it is likely that “Madhouse Mode” is the hardest difficulty in the game.

Resident Evil 7 Survival Bonus

The deluxe edition costs $90 and gives players the base game, the Survival Pack DLC pre-order bonus, four side stories, and two extra story missions. All that is known about the side stories and the extra story missions is that they will be released in future game updates.

The collector’s edition is the most expensive edition, costing a whopping $180. Unlike the other two versions, the collector’s edition is packed with numerous physical items, in addition to the base game.  These items include:

  • A metal case for the game disc
  • A lithograph of the Baker family
  • A self-proclaimed “creepy note”
  • A 4GB USB drive designed to look like the infamous dummy finger
  • A box for the USB drive shaped like a VHS tape
  • An 8″ tall music box in the shape of the Baker family mansion that plays “Go Tell Aunt Rhody”, complete with LED lights

Resident Evil 7 collectors edition

Unlike people in the U.S., gamers in the U.K. will have access to the Steelbook Edition. This edition comes with the Survival Pack: Action Set DLC, which provides early access to “Madhouse Mode” difficulty and gives the player .44 Mag ammo, a grenade, a lockpick, gunpowder, “solid fuel,” and an herb.

resident evil 7 steelbook

The U.K will also receive its own unique collector’s edition. Unlike the U.S. version, the U.K. collector’s edition comes with:

  • Five lithographs
  • An alternative inlay for the game box
  • A 20th anniversary artbook
  • A 16GB USB shaped like a severed finger
  • A 7″ model of the Baker mansion
  • The Surival Pack: Action Set DLC

All of the editions, save for the U.K. collector’s edition, are currently available for pre-order. Resident Evil 7 is expected to release worldwide on January 24, 2017, but players can download the demo now.

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