Bossa Studios, masterminds of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, are hosting their largest playtest for their upcoming MMO, Worlds Adrift.

Worlds Adrift is interesting territory for an MMO: According to their press release, it’s a “physics-based sandbox MMO”, and it’s “set in a shattered world of floating islands.” We’re given further hints as to plot from the fact that players are called “survivors”.

Gameplay looks to be ambitious, to say the least. Players work together “to build sky-ships and become scavengers, explorers, heroes or sky-pirates in a vast, mysterious open world.” We see ships being designed and boarded by ropes, and we see players leaping from island edges to spread artificial wings and sail across the sky to another island. There are myriad features, from variable ecological density to new leveling systems.

This is all not to mention perhaps the game’s most impressive feature, the Island Creator: Players can design their own islands that may get included in the final game. Of the 2000+ created thus far, over 100 have made it into the game already. In other words, right now, a player-created island has a 1/20 chance of making it into the main game. (Obviously, this is contingent on quality, but it should be exciting news for any level-design enthusiasts.)

Sign-up for the Worlds Adrift playtest, their largest to date, ends November 18th. The actual playtest will take place later this month, exclusive to PC.

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