Nomad Games has updated Smash Up, their “shufflebuilding” card game, on Steam early access to include two new factions: Trickers and Wizards.

Tricksters are described as “Stealing things, stopping things, starting things, hiding your keys in the morning, collecting underpants for profit… for years, you’ve thought of these little people as pests. Now they’ve turned up as pesticide.”

Wizards are described as “Presto! Wizards conjure what they need with actions galore. They just keep pulling things out of their hats, so watch their hands. Or their hats…. or that big portal to another reality they just opened in your kitchen.”

When you go to play Smash Up in Early Access, you can play for free or buy a starter pack to support the company and the game. Free to play early access includes only three factions, Geeks, Ninjas, and Dinosaurs to mash together, while the starter pack includes the rest, Aliens, Zombies, Pirates, Robots, Wizards, and Tricksters.

Factions and their different combos are all very different, so buying the starter pack is recommended to experience more of the unique game.

Smash Up is available now for free, or with an $8.99 starter pack on Steam Early Access now, and will eventually be out for PC, iOS, and Android devices once it’s finished.

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