Survival games are big business these days. The genre has many fantastic titles that test players’ ability to get by in challenging environments. From dinosaur-infested islands to zombie-filled wastelands, these open world games provide hours of thrills for fans. The next test in the open world sandbox category is set to be detailed by Zero Gravity Games at the Reboot InfoGamer Conference that is taking place in Zagreb next week. Hellion is a first person, open world action sandbox game set in the depths of a devastated solar system.

Creative Director of Zero Gravity Games Marko Smiljanic expresses in a press release, “presenting Hellion to gamers at Reboot InfoGamer 2016 is another step in the journey of launching Hellion onto Steam early access in early 2017.” The title will see players trying to unravel the mystery that has befallen the first interstellar human colony. We will be exploring derelict space stations and ruined outposts in our salvaged space ship.

To aid players on their journey, Zero Gravity have created complex resource gathering and crafting systems. Fully customizable ships, space stations and equipment will add depth to the challenge, as well as what is described as a deep backstory and immersive multiplayer mode.

Hellion could prove to be the game that No Man’s Sky promised to be, but failed to deliver. Space exploration with a real survival element, and a plot that demands answers, could be what players are looking for.

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