Square Enix has announced its newest update for mobile game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. This new update will feature a crossover event that will feature content from Brave Frontier.

From now until November 24th, both series will collide in this special collaboration event. Exvius Players will be able to explore the Grand Gaia Chronicles while also unlocking a variety of reward tiers in Brave Frontier, while players who are able to clear the Darkness stage in Brave Frontier will be able to receive rewards for Exvius. If a player unlocks all of the reward tiers in both games, they will also receive a bonus Unison Reward.

Characters for Brave Frontier who will appear in this Exvius, including Karl, Serial, and Tilith. Each character will receive a pixel art version and be available through Feature Summon throughout the duration of the event.

This update also bring PvP to the game as well. Players will be able to go head-to-head against each other in this mode for a chance to receive rewards based on their ranking for each weekly and monthly period. Players will then receive rewards based on their ranking. There rewards include Arena Summons Tickets and character stat-boosting items.

Final Fantasy Exvius is also celebrating its 8 million global downloads milestone by offering players daily login bonuses throughout the month of November.

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