A new announcement from Microsoft could bring the virtual reality phenomenon into the mainstream of gaming even further. From December 12th this year, players will be able to stream Xbox games to their Windows 10 PC using an Oculus Rift.

A new app is being launched which will allow people to connect their Rift to the Xbox function of their PC and play their games for free in total immersion. The “Xbox Streaming to Oculus Rift” app will let you play top titles like Forza Horizon 3 and Halo 5, as well as your backwards compatible 360 games, indie titles and games released in the future.

Three VR Environments will be available. “Citadel” “Retreat” and “Dome” will offer different immersive experiences to the user.


Xbox and Rift have already teamed up to offer a free Xbox controller with every headset, and if you have native Xbox wireless support for your PC and a wireless adapter, you can utilize your joypad without wires right from the box.

This announcement is most likely meant to be a response to the advent of the PlayStation VR. Microsoft and their rival Sony have been going head-to-head in the battle of consoles for some time, and the new battleground of Virtual Reality gaming looks set to intensify the conflict.

The streaming app will be available for download for free from the Oculus Store from December 12th onwards.

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