Ubisoft has released details for Tom Clancy’s The Division’s upcoming Update 1.5.

Releasing alongside Survival, The Division’s upcoming paid expansion, Update 1.5 will release to all players for free. The update will include weapon, gear, and skill balancing, and will introduce a new World Tier. World Tier 5 will come with an increase in enemy level and Gear Score. Enemies will be at level 34, and the new maximum Gear Score for weapons and gear dropped will be 256.

Update 1.5 will also introduce six new Named Gear items. There is one piece of gear for each Gear Slot, and they will come with a unique individual talent. Players will be able to get this gear from Survival and Field Proficiency caches, but they primarily drop from specific points in the game that make sense for them narratively. A new Gear Set, called FrontLine, is also being introduced in the upcoming update. Its 3-piece bonus will give a player’s shield 30% more health, while the 4-piece bonus will let gamers use a SMG together with their shield instead of their regular sidearm. Just like other Gear Sets, it is available from all sources of loot.

New weapons will also be introduced in Update 1.5. The update will introduce 12 new weapon types, as well as four new Named weapons. The B.L.I.N.D. rifle is also being introduced, and is now known as the Urban MDR Assault Rifle. The rifle gives a damage bonus to targets suffering from a status effect. There will be changes made to shotguns in PvP, and how they work with aim assist. The strength of the aim assist, and the effect of accuracy, has been lowered on shotguns. The headshot base damage bonus has also been tweaked.

Some economy changes have also been made. Activities on higher World Tiers have seen an increase in their credits and Phoenix Credits rewards. Instead of selling items based on World Tier, vendors will now sell items based on the player’s Gear Score. There is now a chance that enemies may drop crafting materials, with the chances of dropping higher quality materials increasing with World Tier.

It has also been revealed that the stagger mechanic will have an effect in PvP again. High stagger weapons will now cause the target’s aim to flinch. Stash size has also increased from 70 items to 150. Finally, Update 1.5 will include balance tweaks and bug fixes.

The Division is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Update 1.5 will release for PC and Xbox One on November 22nd, and at a later time for the PlayStation 4.

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