UK game retailer GAME has apparently briefly given the Nintendo Switch a price. According to a writer at LetsPlayVideoGames, GAME plans to sell their base unit for £199.99.

The GAME website currently has a placeholder price for the Switch, and a bright red notice of, “PLEASE NOTE: Until we receive an official price from Nintendo, a temporary price of £999.99 will be given to the Nintendo Switch console.”

However, if sources are correct, and the base console will sell for around £199.99, this would put it at around $215 in the US. This is all money conversion and conjecture, but it could be a real projection of the console’s price, putting the UK price a bit above that of the Xbox One, closer to that of the Xbox One S, which makes sense for the versatility and power of the product.

Rumor also has it that GAME plans to sell a Switch with more internal storage and bundled in games for around £249.99, with controllers for £39.99,  coming out to about $310 and $50, respectively.

It’s important to note that Nintendo doesn’t set the recommended retail price for consoles in the UK, and they may very well choose a different number for other countries. Though it’s likely that Nintendo will try to keep all prices relatively the same across the globe.

The Nintendo Switch is projected to release in March of 2017.

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