The catch title “From loner to savior of a nation?” is what drives the new Japanese RPG, Unlucky Mage, in its release on the Nintendo 3DS.

Unlucky Mage is the story of an unfortunate caretaker of the magical arts, Jasper, who finds himself thrown into a series of events that leads to him saving the world. We’ve all heard the story before and we can be sure that some of the common Japanese role-playing tropes will come in twists and turns. But that is the main reason why most of us like games like this, sometimes players just want a game that sticks to the rules of its genre. And we can get that with Unlucky Mage.

The game features turn-based combat like most other classic era RPGs, lining up across from your enemies and taking turns hitting one another until the other side is dead. While modern games have largely moved away from this type of combat, if the system can be done well, it will be one of the first games in a long time that will scratch that particular itch.

Unlucky Mage has already launched on the Nintendo eShop for USD 9.99 and EUR 9.99. Check out the release video below.

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