Wildcard Studios is ready to drop their atmospheric adventure game Wizards: Home later on in November. According to a press release, the game will be released on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux, as well as the Wii U. There are currently plans for an Xbox One and a Nintendo Switch release later on.

As mentioned, Wizards: Home is an adventure game, which has a series of puzzles to play through. There are over 100 puzzles split across 5 different aesthetically pleasing biomes. The goal of the game is to return Gems and Stasis Rune Dolls to the exit point.

According to the press release, Wizards: Home is “a nod to the old SNES game ‘Troddlers‘”. Which is a puzzle game where the player must create pathways and clear hazardous obstacles before the Troddlers can reach them and kill themselves. In that regard, the game is very familiar to the old Lemmings games. This classic style of puzzle gameplay has not been touched in the last few years, since Team 17’s Flockers in 2014.

According to Wildcard Studios’ CEO, Chris Vann, the team hopes to officially release the game on November 17th. As mentioned, the release date for the planned Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions do not have a date at the current time.

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