The latest of the timed missions in Square Enix’s game Hitman is available now. The sixteenth Elusive Target Mission takes Agent 47 to Sapienza, Italy, as you try to take out Panama hat wearing Richard J. Magee, codenamed “The Guru.”

There are two important conditions to meet, or else you face failure of the mission. Two NPCs are part of the set up, and must not be killed, injured or subdued. If during your assassination attempt on Magee you do bring either Keith Keeble or Katherine Keller to harm, then all will be lost.

Starting today, players have until Friday 23rd of December to complete the mission. 168 hours is all you get, once the time expires, then the opportunity is over, and cannot be accessed again. Elusive Target missions are specially designed, and come with particular rules that make the job more challenging. Intel on the victim is limited, they do not appear in Instinct mode, or on the Mini-map, and if you die during the mission or fail, then that is it. There are no second chances.

Special in-game content can be unlocked for Agent 47 if you can successfully achieve the difficult task, namely exclusive suits.

Players must own Hitman Episode 2: Sapienza in order to take part in this Elusive Target mission, the game available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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