Bethesda and id Software have done a great job rebooting the shooter series that started it all. The latest Doom was met with praise for its over the top action and gruesome gameplay. It even won Best Action Game and Best Music/Sound Design and this year’s Game Awards. Every game always has room to become even better though. With the newest update for Doom out now, let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

This is the 5th free update to come out for the title, and there are plenty of goodies to come with it. First, the level cap has been extended to Echelon 11. As an added incentive to get there, you’ll receive the classic Marine Praetor Suit once Echelon 11 has been reached. You may just need it in the new game mode, Infernal Run.

In Infernal Run, you and your team will fight to take control of an eye ball that must be scored into the opponent’s goal for points. Sounds like a soccer game from the gates of hell. To make Doom fans happy, bots are also finally making their way to both Deathmatch and Tea Deathmatch. To further help celebrate this update everyone will get double experience in multiplayer from now until December 12th at 12:00 pm EST.

Check out the official announcement for the full patch notes from Bethesda. If you prefer, you can also watch the new intense Doom gameplay in the trailer below.

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