It has been announced that the first global mission for Pokemon Sun and Moon has ended in failure.

According to the Global Link site (via EGM Now), players did not complete the first global mission, which was to capture 100 million Pokemon. According to the site, players only captured 16,423,231 monsters. Though players did not receive the 1,000 Festival Coins reward, those that participated did earn 100 Coins. The Pokemon Company has noted that it will fix the numbers for the next global mission to make it more achievable.

Pokemon players can receive two Legendaries during the month of December. Those who own X, Y, Alpha Sapphire, and Omega Ruby will be able to receive Meloetta. Meloetta will come with the ability Serene Grace, and will know the moves Quick Attack, Confusion, and Round. Meloetta will also come with its signature move, Relic Song, which can change its typing. Meloetta will be available until December 24th. Those who own Sun and Moon will be able to receive Magearna. Magearna will come with the Soul-Heart ability, and will know the moves Fleur Cannon, Flash Cannon, Lucky Chant, and Helping Hand. Magearna will come at level 50, and will come with three items: a Bottle Cap, a Cherish Ball, and a Wishing Ribbon. Unlike Meloetta, players can receive Magearna at any time, as long as they have beaten the game and can scan the QR code on the giveaway site.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is available for the Nintendo 3DS. The next global mission will begin on December 27th, and will task players with discovering Pokemon using the island scan.

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