A new Yakuza 0 trailer has been released by SEGA. Titled Trouble in Tokyo, the trailer shows off the various styles of combat you can use when fighting in the game.

The different hand-to-hand fighting styles available to each of the two playable characters, Kiryu and Majima, are shown. Kiryu’s fighting styles are called Brawler, Rush, and Beast, and Majima’s fighting styles are called Thug, Slugger, and Breaker. The trailer also shows skill trees for each of the styles that allows you to unlock new abilities using Yen.

Not shown were any of the heat actions that are a staple of the series. Heat actions are over the top combat moves that are sometimes incredibly violent, so it’s possible that they aren’t appropriate for a trailer released to the public, or it could be that they want players to be able to discover them on their own.

It’s probably still hard to believe for many Yakuza fans, but the games are actually getting localized versions now. Some Yakuza games have received localizations but they came a very long time after their original release in Japan, and many of them never saw an English release at all. Yakuza 0 released last year in Japan, and will be releasing in January 2017 in the west. It’s still a bit of a wait, but it’s much better than not getting it at all.

You can check out Yakuza 0’s Trouble in Tokyo trailer below.

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