Before Ubisoft’s The Division released in March of this year, it was one of the most anticipated titles of 2016. It seemed to be a technological masterpiece, having players take on their owns roles and roam around a nearly abandoned New York City, having to use their skills to either help others or take advantage where they could. Unfortunately, with a number of bugs that kept the game from reaching it’s full potential, it met with mixed reviews. After a number of updates, and dedicated work from Ubisoft, things have definitely turned around.

The team behind The Division was not deaf to the cries of players around the world. After many months, most of the bugs that truly hurt the overall experience have been eradicated. This took so much effort, that planned DLC for the open world shooter had to be pushed back. Now that things have seemed to level off, Ubisoft is looking to push forward once again.

The PlayStation 4 Pro has now taken many new generation games to the next level. As part of streaming on Twitch, it was announced that The Division would be receiving an update to support the PlayStation 4 Pro as well. It looks like this shooter is really growing up to be the title we were all hoping for.

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