The Pokemon European International Championships are currently underway. The event, hosted by the International branch of the Pokemon Company, is the Culmination of the 2016 season. To celebrate, the company released a video highlighting many of the big tournaments of this year, such as the World Championships that was held in San Francisco, California back in August of this year. Along with these highlights, the video also shows off what fans can look forward to in the 2017 season.

This year’s International Championships are held at the xCeL Exhibition Center in London from December 9th 2016 until the 11th, and is the first in a series of large tournaments that will held around the world. The event also features the World Record Breaking Pokemon TCG mosaic that is set to go on display in the United Kingdom this weekend.

The International Championships hosts some of best players from around the world in both the Pokemon TCG and Video Game. The series features a variety of events for Pokemon fans of all ages. It also provides a prize pool valued at $250,000 spread across each event.

The event is being streamed on the official Twitch channel this weekend. Players interested in participation in the 2017 championship series can sign up here.

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