In this week’s State of the Game update for Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft announced a number of upcoming fixes, as well as DirectX12 compatibility.

This week Ubisoft fixed an issue where some players were not able to collect the reward for completing all side missions in a zone. The developer also announced that it will be deploying a patch on PC to address a number of issues. This includes fixing the issue that caused the loss of character controls, fixing the lowered performance impact with high CPU usage, and taking care of issues with controller on PC.

Ubisoft also announced that The Division will be receiving DirectX12 compatibility, which should provide better optimization for higher resolutions. The developer does note, however, that there is a known issue with DirectX12 that does not allow players to change the brightness.

It was also mentioned that a fix for a bug involving Alphabridge and Uncomplicated is on the way. Ubisoft also stated that the issue involving Barret’s Bulletproof Chest not working has been fixed. However, the bonuses will not be displayed in the UI as it requires a client patch.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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