Carbine, developers of the space western MMO Wildstar have posted some mysterious warnings about their upcoming patch on Twitter.

Drusera, the god-like entity stuck in a prison of her own making, calls out to the player in one clip, “This is so very important, and you’re the only one I trust.”

The first clip jumps back and forth between Drusera and Arcterra, the giant-filled frosty landscape of the game’s latest max-level zone. It’s likely that the second half of Arcterra that’s been locked away with ice will be revealed for this patch, set to drop very soon.

The unsettling thing about the second clip that has gotten fans riled up and excited is the camera cutting away to the Ravenous Mordesh. Fans have been chomping at the bit for more information about the unique zombie race since its reveal before the game’s release. The possibility of more lore, or a potential Ravenous outbreak is interesting for the story of Wildstar.

After the bit of content drought concerning more story-based things, a big patch like this, that hasn’t been teased or spoiled beyond these two tweets, it extremely exciting for fans of the game.

Wildstar is available for free on PC. You can sign up on their website and explore the magical and horrifying world of Nexus.

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