On December 31st, 1996, Blizzard released the blockbuster isometric RPG Diablo to critical praise and acclaim. On December 31st, 2016, the game turned 20 years old. Blizzard is celebrating Diablo’s 20th Anniversary with special events and rewards.

The first stop on Diablo’s 20th Anniversary celebration is, obviously enough, Diablo III. For the entire month of January, players can visit the Darkening of Tristram dungeon. This dungeon recreates the first 16 levels of the first Diablo game. The bosses in the dungeon are remodeled to resemble their first game counterparts. Furthermore, the dungeon comes with unique audio/visual effects, UI graphics, and controls to give players an authentic Diablo I experience. Gamers who complete the dungeon will be rewarded with new transmogrification weapons and a new non-combat pet.

Blizzard has also taken the liberty of celebrating Diablo’s 20th Anniversary in its other games, albeit to lesser degrees. In World of Warcraft, players can listen to classic Diablo music, fight special demonic creatures, and collect Diablo-themed items. On the CCG front, Hearthstone has a special Tavern Brawl challenge with an appropriately themed deck and opponent. Heroes of the Storm also joins in the celebrations with a special new Diablo-themed map and Diablo-themed player portrait.


Blizzard is also celebrating the anniversary in its sci-fi games. Overwatch players can now use the ever-popular sprays to paint the walls with various character classes from Diablo III. Blizzard has also given Overwatch and StarCraft II players Diablo-themed portraits.

The events will only be running for a limited time, but Blizzard has teased there are more details about these events to come.

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