If you are a gamer and have fellow gamer friends, you most likely know at least one person who believes they are the best at Call of Duty. With the Call of Duty World League, or CWL, it is very easy to discover just how true, or untrue, this really is. Teams have formed and fought their way to make it to the championship. This past weekend, we had some great winners in the land of London.

At the Gfinity Arena, 16 teams came together and dukes it out all weekend in Black Ops III. Of the these teams, 4 made it to top spots and gained huge points to go forward on their quest for the Call of Duty Pro League. These teams were Orbit, Splyce, Elevate, and Team Infused. Of these teams, Orbit took home the top spot at number 1, and was crowned champion of CWL London. This was done in strong fashion as they defeated Splyce 3-0 in the finals.

In the future, we hope the best for Orbit and the rest of the top teams. The Call of Duty Pro League is no joke, but the more tournaments they play and Pro Points they gather, they will be able to secure their spots and make it to the big leagues.

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