The comic book gore fest that is Dead Rising 4 has seen players dispatch billions of zombies in the most entertaining and bloody of ways since the game’s release in December of last year. The game’s developers, Capcom, have just announced that, to up the ante of your killing, there will be new difficulty modes added alongside free character customization mods, and a free trial event for players who have yet to face the horde.

In a post on Xbox Wire, Capcom explains that Frank West can now appear as five different characters from the iconic fighting game Street Fighter. Cammy, Guile, M. Bison, T. Hawk and Zangief are all included as free outfits that will appear in your wardrobe once downloaded. This is in addition to the inclusion of two new difficulty modes. Hard and Ultra-Hard modes will be accessible in Story mode, to challenge your slaying skills to the limit. Your weapons will break more quickly, the zombies do more damage and your health will regenerate more slowly in these two challenging difficulties. Playing at either of the new levels will earn you new gamerscore and the possibility of two new achievements: Chopping Spree and Biters Remorse.


In an attempt to coax new players to the franchise, Capcom is offering a 60-minute timed trial of Dead Rising 4 to new players. You will be able to earn achievements, and also carry your saved progress into the full game if you are sufficiently impressed and feel compelled to purchase the full game once your trial finishes.

Dead Rising 4 is available to players on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC’s, and the new content will be accessible from January 30th. The timed free trial will go live from January 31st. If you are unfamiliar with Frank West and his bloodthirsty attempts to tame the zombie horde, then you can check out the launch trailer here.

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