New details for the Nintendo Switch have been released, including the device’s battery life.

At a press conference held today, Nintendo released a number of details for their upcoming console. When not in the dock, the Switch will have a 2.5 to 6 hours of battery life, and will charge when playing while plugged in. Up to 8 systems will be able to connect together for local multiplayer.

Nintendo also announced that they will be reversing a long standing policy and will not have region locking on the console. There will also be a smartphone app that will allow gamers to handle things such as chat and game invitations. It was also announced that there will be a new online service for the Switch. The service will be free at launch, but will become a paid service this autumn.

The Switch will be released worldwide on March 3rd. The system will cost $299 at launch. Two versions of the system will be available at launch, one with grey Joy-con controllers, and one with colored controllers. Both versions will be the same price. During the Switch’s press conference, a new Mario title was revealed, entitled Super Mario Odyssey. The game was given a release window of holiday 2017.

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