The Goonswarm Federation in EVE Online has reached a new milestone as they come into 2017. The group has acquired over 21,000 members making them one of the largest guilds in all of gaming history. This large formation of players has allowed the group to mobilize its members to achieve a variety of feats in other games such as PlanetSide 2, ArcheAge, Atlas Reactor and H1Z1.

According to Imperium News, the next largest guild is in World of Warcraft with just under 10,000 players.

Before the Goonswarm Federation rose to become the powerhouse that it is today, it was involved in many conflicts and events that were responsible for reshaping the very landscape of EVE Online into the state we see today. In the past, many former members, long time enemies, and those looking for fame and glory banded together to dismantle the group.

One key conflict that not only cemented the Goonswarm’s stance in the EVE universe, but also changed the way players see the game was The Great War. The Federation fought against the Band of Brothers, one of the most powerful empires during that time in the game’s history. The battle was responsible for reshaping the map of conquered space in a way that was unheard of until now. Along with conflicts from outside the group, the Goonswarm Federation has undergone reconstruction following a shut down of the Alliance in February of 2010.

Many account the success of the Goonswarm Federation to its talented and responsive leadership who are willing to take changes and explore options that allow their empire to grow. They have contributed greatly to the EVE community throughout the years.

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