The Town of Light is a spine chilling and deeply involving psychological thriller that has won high praise from players and critics alike. The game, which originally released for the PC, will now be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime in the second quarter of 2017.

First released to Steam in February 2016, the game, which was developed by the Italian team of LKA, has just signed a worldwide publishing agreement with indie publishers Wired Productions. The Town of Light won awards for Best Visuals and Best Narrative at two different awards ceremonies back in 2015. And with the impending release of console versions, alongside an enhanced edition for Windows PC’s, the love for this story driven first-person title may just keep growing. The new enhancements for the PC version include extra story-supporting content missing from its original release.

Perhaps one of the most chilling aspects of The Town of Light is the fact it is based on real events and locations. You play the role of Renee, a 16 year old girl suffering from the symptoms of mental illness in 1938. Renee is sent to Volterra Psychiatric asylum in Italy, a real place that has been meticulously recreated for the purpose of exploration and discovery. The story centers on Renee’s thoughts and fears as she journeys around the asylum searching for her answers.

Psychological thriller games may be somewhat of a niche market, but the first-person story telling method is bound to attract new players who would normally prefer other genres. The small indie developer and publisher behind The Town of Light will certainly hope that bringing their game to console users can open this dark and intense type of action to a much wider audience.

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