Gun Media is doing a lot to make sure their backers on Kickstarter and new fans remain excited for the Friday the 13th game. With continued development, each new clip shown reveals changes they have made and what phases in the process they have come up to. With the latest gameplay video, it looks like they really took to balancing the two sides much more than before.

While Jason Voorhees remains to be a huge powerhouse in the Friday the 13th game, it seems like Gun Media has decided to bring down the power of his abilities a bit to even out the stakes. While he still has the ability to teleport almost anywhere on the map, when he his actually chasing down a camper he moves very slowly, as he does in most films, but can catch up with a chase teleport as well.

One of the more surprising features shown off was a number of campers making a getaway in a car. Only a few moments later as Jason is chasing one of the other campers into the street, that same car is seen finishing the job of killing him. Road kill is not an uncommon thing in the Friday the 13th franchise. Only fair it should be considered a risk when driving in the new game.

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