Sony has just released a new trailer for the upcoming open world game Horizon Zero Dawn that gives players a glimpse into the game’s story.

In the trailer, a war-like tribe of masked humans has learned how to reawaken old machines and threatens to use them to conquer the land.  The game’s protagonist, Aloy, takes it upon herself to rally as many as possible against this tribe before its leader awakens a gargantuan doomsday mech. Highlights of the trailer include Aloy atop a robotic steed, breathtaking vistas, an elaborate and well-fortified city tucked away in the mountains, and a holographic projection of a man who apparently will be observing Aloy throughout her journey..

The trailer also subtly hints at a story that goes beyond the game’s main narrative. Previous trailers proudly showed off the game’s robots, wandering the world and simulating natural wildlife. The mechs utilized by the evil tribe, however, are very different from the aforementioned robots. Instead of the sleek lines and elegant curves of most of Zero Dawn’s robots, the evil machines have harsh edges and sharp angles that give them a mass-produced war machine vibe. Furthermore, the trailer shows that these evil mechs are buried far underground, have to be reactivated manually, and can hack into and control the wildlife robots. This visual storytelling indicates that gamers might discover what happened in the past of Horizon Zero Dawn’s world. However, only time will tell if this actually happens.

Horizon Zero Dawn is scheduled to release on Februrary 28th, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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