With the new year upon us, there are plenty of things to look forward to in the coming months. This is especially if you are a gamer. One thing on the horizon in the video gamer industry is the Nintendo Switch, which is said to come out in March of this year. Loyal fans of the Big N will be happy to hear about a great partnership moving forward that is sure to be beneficial all around.

It is hard to be a game developer these days and not know the name Unreal. The engine seems to set the standard for modern AAA titles with each new iteration. Lucky for those looking forward to the Nintendo Switch, Unreal is one of the many partners coming together to help the new console move forward.

In a tweet from Unreal, they stated, “We’re thrilled to partner with Nintendo to help Unreal Engine 4 developers bring their games to Nintendo Switch!” The more great software that can come to the new hybrid console the better. The lack of huge titles is what has ultimately led to the downfall of the Wii U. Hopefully the partnership with Unreal and others will lead to a successful launch and lifespan for the Nintendo Switch.

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