Probably one of the most aptly named games we have seen in a while, Arms is a fighting game that takes advantage of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers and sports some rather spectacular arms in the process. Thanks to the motion sensors in the controllers, players take one Joy-Con in each hand and literally punch. Since it is a title from Nintendo however, the game itself certainly doesn’t stop there.

Much as Splatoon was a shooter, Nintendo has placed its own spin on a fighting game. Described as a “fighting sports game” it is “like boxing” in that you are punching, but also “like shooting,” due to the fact that you aim from a distance. Punching forward will cause your character’s arms to extend across the map, while titling your hand will make the arms curve.

Featuring what appears to be a large cast of characters and what Nintendo promises is a surprising amount of depth, the game will have full online and local multiplayer support.

While we did not receive an exact date, the company says the game will release sometime this spring. Though it may miss the Nintendo Switch launch, that still puts it in the relative launch window.The Switch will be available starting March 3 for $299. For all the announcements and news before then, keep checking back right here on Gamespresso.

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