Sony has announced that a trial for their upcoming game Nioh will be available on the PSN this weekend. The trail will give gamers one last chance to experience the fast paced and unforgiving gameplay that the game is known for.

A post on Sony’s PlayStation Blog gives us more detail on Nioh as well as a video highlighting what gamers can expect from the upcoming trial. The post states, “In case you’ve missed it, Nioh is an intricate action RPG built around deep combat. Inspired by Japanese history and legendary samurai, Nioh will see you step into the shoes of our protagonist William as he faces off against other warriors and supernatural creatures in a grueling quest set in 16th century Japan.”

This trial will run from January 21st to the 22nd and will include additional content that will carry over to the game’s release. Players who beat the Main Mission will receive the Ogrress Headset, while completing the Twilight Mission will reward you with both the Mark of the Conqueror and Mark of the Strong, items that could be obtained during the game’s Alpha and Beta phases.

These items will also carry over to the game’s release as long as you hold on to your save data and DLC from the trail version of the game. Nioh’s Last Chance Trail can now be pre-loaded from the PlayStation Store.

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