If you are someone who keeps up with every major title in the gaming industry, then you already know the massive success of Blizzard’s hero shooter, Overwatch. Bringing a compelling story with rich backgrounds, unique characters, and tons of fun gameplay, it is easy to see why this title became such a big hit. Of course, Blizzard wants to make sure Overwatch’s run is as long as possible, so when players request new features, they listen.

With the majority of success towards Overwatch coming from the online multiplayer, it is obvious that it has become a great title for eSports. This is something to take into consideration when going over design. Spectator mode is a large part of the shooter, especially when it comes to commentators during eSports tournaments. A new change shown to us from YouTube Gamer ggDoa, reveals that each player will now have their healthbars shown directly above their heads in Spectator Mode.

It may not seem like a huge deal, but going from the icons and health at the top, back down to the real action below can be hard to keep track of for commentators and spectators alike. With the health directly above each character, the action is clearer to see and will be a great opportunity for Overwatch to continue its takeover of the eSports community.

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