The latest computer games sales chart for the UK, up to the week ending the 28th January, have revealed that Capcom and their survival-horror, Resident Evil 7 biohazard, has gotten off to a great start with consumers.

The chart, compiled by GFK, shows us that the terrifying latest installment to the long running zombie franchise has toppled last week’s number 1, Grand Theft Auto 5. The Rockstar North title did manage to stay above another new entry, Square Enix’s RPG, Kingdom Hearts II.8 Final Chapter, which debuts in at number 3 on the list.

The top 10 is as follows:

  1. Resident Evil 7 biohazard
  2. Grand Theft Auto 5
  3. Kingdom Hearts II.8 Final Chapter
  4. FIFA 17
  5. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  6. Rocket League
  7. Battlefield 1
  8. Yakuza 0
  9. Watchdogs 2
  10. Steep

Yakuza 0 is the other new entry in the top 10. Players are enjoying the prequel to the Yakuza series from SEGA, as you follow the story of young Kazuma Kiryu as he tries to make his way in the secretive and brutal crime organization. The only other new entry into the top 20 is RPG, Tales of Bersaria from Bandai-Namco. The rest of the best sellers all stuck around in roughly the same positions as the week before.

Capcom will undoubtedly be pleased with Resident Evil 7 hitting the top of charts on its debut week. They will hope this trend continues as they have put a lot of effort into making this version of Resident Evil a different experience for the player from the previous few. If their hard work can pay off with commercial success then that is certainly something to be celebrated.

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