Developer Tequila Works has released a colorful new trailer for its upcoming game RiME, complete with a release window.

RiME has been through an arduous development. The game was originally developed for the Xbox One, but later became a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Last year, Tequila Works reacquired the rights to RiME and now plans to release the game in May for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch.

CEO and creative director of Tequila Works Raul Rubio Monarriz has expressed how pleased he is that the game is releasing on multiple platforms and is no longer an Xbox One or PS4 exclusive. “We want to express our most sincere gratitude to all those who never lost hope, faith and patience towards us. They gave us the will and strength to create such a personal experience, and we cannot wait to show you more of RiME in the coming months,” he says in a press release.

RiME stars a boy who is stranded on a mysterious island filled with platforming challenges and creative puzzles. These puzzles require players to manipulate sound, light, perspective, and even time itself. Gamers will also discover numerous secrets as they progress through the game.

Despite housing ancient ruins, the island is far from uninhabited. The boy meets a friendly fox who helps and guides him on his journey early in the game. However, not everything the boy encounters wants to be friends. The island is also inhabited by giant flying lizards, terrifying wraith-like creatures, ancient robots, and a mysterious man who is always just out of reach.

RiME is set to release in May of 2017.  For more news on this and other indie games stick with Gamespresso.

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