April will see the launch of the dark, atmospheric and altogether creepy game, Little Nightmares. Developed by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai-Namco, the spooky puzzle-platformer is now available for pre-order on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Reminiscent of Little Big Planet in horror movie form, Little Nightmares sees you take control of the raincoat wearing Six as she attempts to escape the mysterious vessel known as The Maw. The game promises to be as challenging as it is dark, where every turn will see you try to solve puzzles and escape danger in the form of gruesome corrupted souls, looking to make a meal out of your undersized character. Armed with just a lighter, you explore the huge craft, and climb higher to make it to the safety of the world outside.

The full release of the title will be April 28th, and for those who love their special memorabilia, there is more merchandise that can be collected surrounding the game. Digital pre-purchasers will receive the in-game rewards of the Scarecrow Sack and Upside Down Teapot mask to help Six blend in with the inhabitants of The Maw, and PC and PS4 buyers will also receive a digital copy of the game’s original soundtrack. This will be accompanied by either an exclusive PS4 theme, or PC wallpaper featuring one of the games main characters, The Janitor.

Alongside these bonus items, there will be a collectors release known as The Six Edition, which comes with soundtrack, A3 poster, sticker board and a Six figurine with a themed cage box.

Little Nightmares has the look and feel of real darkness, in both visuals and direction. It may prove to be a cult classic thanks to its originality and artwork design. From what we can tell from the latest marketing, it certainly seems like it could keep you awake at night, checking to make sure nothing is lurking in the dark corners of your bedroom, waiting to serve you up as their dinner.

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