The Kickstarter campaign for Banner Saga 3, from Stoic Games, is currently underway. The next installment of the company’s award winning series is set to bring a variety of changes as well as the conclusion to the trilogy.

The company’s journey with this series comes full circle as they return to the funding platform to bring the final installment to life. The Kickstarter page for the game gives us more information for the game by stating, “Banner Saga 3 is the highly anticipated final game of an award winning trilogy. It’s a role-playing game merged with turn-based strategy, wrapped into an adventure mini-series about Vikings. Many modern games play it safe – you are the chosen one who always saves the day. Our game is different, you can’t take anything for granted in Banner Saga.”

Stoic Games is currently asking for $200,000 in order to get Banner Saga 3 in the hands of gamers around the world. There are a variety of pledge tiers which award gamers with an assortment of franchise-inspired rewards.

As an added bonus, if you add an additional 20$ to your pledge, you will also receive copies of the first and second games. This allows gamers to experience the intense gameplay and story that the series is known for. The Banner Saga 3’s Kickstarter camgain is set to end on March 7th.

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