This weekend at PAX South 2017, Tripwire Interactive of Killing Floor fame has planned to showcase Killing Floor: Incursion and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Key development team members will be offering up playable demos of both games all weekend at booth #10647.

Killing Floor: Incursion is a planned Oculus Touch release, thus paving the way for Tripwire’s foray into virtual reality gaming. It’s the next installment of the Killing Floor franchise, the companies longest running and most popular game series.

A Tripwire news post says, “The game amps up all of the carnage that fans of the franchise will recognize and brings it to a brand new platform, specifically designed for the recently released Oculus Touch. Killing Floor: Incursion will offer intense and unmatched cooperative VR shooter combat in the deep and richly compelling Killing Floor universe.”

Fans can also look forward to Rising Storm: Vietnam, a tactical PC shooter game that allows players to play as either the United States Military or the Vietnamese Resistance during the Vietnam War, which will also  be available as a demo on the show floor of PAX South.

Both games are slated for a 2017 release, but PAX South will be a great chance for fans to get their hands on an early build and prepare themselves for a new title.

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