The Turing Test, a sci-fi first person puzzle game, is getting a PlayStation 4 release on January 23. Bulkhead Interactive made the announcement via Twitter.

The game centers on protagonist Ava Turing, who is an engineer working for the Internation Space Agency. Mysterious events unfold at a research base on Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, which result in the disappearance of the ground crew that was manning the station. Ava finds various puzzles when she arrives, which the research station’s AI, named Tom, claims can only be solved by a human. Ava must work her way through the puzzles to discover the truth about what happened to the crew on the research station.

Released last year on both Xbox One and PC, The Turing Test was received fairly positively by puzzle game fans and science fiction fans alike. Until now, though, there had been no word on whether or not the game would make its way to Sony’s console. The game could be described as a combination of Portal and Soma, having puzzle aspects that are similar to Portal (albeit without the famous portal gun) and sharing some thematic similarities with Soma, looking at issues such as individuality, consciousness, and artificial intelligence.

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