In the world today, it is no longer reasonable to assume that someone playing video games for all hours of the day is simply wasting their life. Some of these people are actually a form of athletes. The Call of Duty World League is just one of the many eSport leagues that put a player’s true skills to the test against the best around the world. This weekend, these challenges will take place in one of the brightest cities in the world.

The Call of Duty World League is hosting its Paris Open this weekend, February 17th to the 19th. There are over 70 teams competing against one another. While the ultimate goal is to try and secure a spot at the Call of Duty World League Championship, taking place in August, there is certainly enough convincing reasons to do your best purely in the Paris Open itself. About 100,000 reasons actually.

The top teams are all facing each other for a significant piece of the $100,000 prize pool. If you are interested in watching the intent battles yourself, you can go on the Major League Gaming section of Twitch. Perhaps taking some notes now will help you on your quest to become the next great in the Call of Duty World League.

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