Not ever gamer is the type of person to play the majority of their games online, making enemies out of everyone around the world who takes a digital shot at you. There is no denying, however, the thrill of having some real time battles with other real life people around the world. There are few titles that have brought this type of online action as well, or with as much consistency, as Destiny. It may have been released over 2 years ago, but the developers have continued to put in hard work to make sure the fun keeps coming.

A new patch was released this week that brings a whole lot of balance to the game itself. There have been a number of changes to Special Ammo in Crucible, such as crates appearing every 60 seconds and the space you can share with allies has been reduced to 75m from 100m.

Almost every weapon in the Destiny has also received some significant changes. Hand cannons are far more accurate, auto rifles have higher base damage, shotguns no longer have a movement penalty, and that is just the beginning. If you want to see all of the new changes to Destiny, check out the full patch notes here.

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