From now until February 27th, the Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta will be available, and it’s got a lot of content to explore.

Ghost Recon Wildlands involves playing as a team of elite operatives, dismantling the operations of the Santa Blanca drug cartel in whatever way they feel is best. The open beta nearly doubles the territory available in the closed beta, giving you access to two Bolivian provinces, Itacua and Montuyoc. It’s said that this round of beta is greatly expanded, with about 8 hours of gameplay, not including exploration and re-plays.

There’s a lot to do in the new area of Montuyok, with the official beta announcement saying “There’s a new Santa Blanca warlord to chase, and to find him, you’ll need to raid Santa Blanca encampments and strongholds to destroy their weapons, kill their elite instructors, and interrogate cartel officers across five new story missions”.

You can tackle the beta in multiplayer, coordinating attacks on the Cartel with other players, or take a squad of computer-controlled buddies into battle. You’ll have a chance to play however you want to, be it stealth, vehicles, or air support, with the customization system for your loadouts.

The full version of Ghost Recon Wildlands launches March 7th.

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