SOEDESCO and Creazn Studio are teaming up on a 50s styled narrative film noir horror game by the name of Dollhouse, a refreshing take on the horror genre. It’s said to be a horror game that focuses on narrative and utilizes a discomforting atmosphere over cheap jump scares.

“The story of Dollhouse centers inside the mind of Marie, a detective trying to unravel her past. The player can use the help of a big cast of characters to gradually progress further into Marie’s mind. They can create their own experience by choosing which paths they take.”

The player will construct their own story, making choices in their own randomly generated maps, with 14 different characters with abilities and stories, so it’s rare to have the same experience as a friend.

The game has a single player campaign, and will also feature a 5 player versus mode, where you must “become the dominant persona in the current mind”, which leaves a lot open to interpretation of what it’s like, but we’ll see at launch.

Dollhouse is set to come to PC and PlayStation 4 later this year, even offering a physical boxed copy. It sounds like a great concept, bringing lots of different, good, changes to a genre that has gotten a bit stale in recent years.

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