Hideo Kojima has explained why he does not want to make another horror title.

In an interview with IGN, Kojima spoke on why he will not make a horror title. “I get scared very easily,” Kojima explained. “Actually, this is true of Alfred Hitchcock as well as Steven Spielberg. Because they scare easily, because I scare easily, it’s actually easy for us to make something that is scary, because we understand what is scary.

“But while in that process, we’re constantly imagining, like, terrifying situations so it ends up giving me bad dreams. That’s the reason why I don’t want to make a horror game.”

In another recent interview, Kojima stated that he is dedicated to making games. While his family may tell him to take a break, his friends urge him on. He also brought up tricks that he has used in past games, such as the memory card gimmick in Metal Gear Solid, and how he wishes to bring that back in future games in new and exciting ways. “I don’t want to use the same tricks again in the future but I would like to continue to break the fourth wall.”

Kojima’s latest title, Death Stranding, is currently in development for the PlayStation 4.

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