Nearly 9 years after LEGO Indiana Jones first jumped his way onto consoles, the parody action-platformer has made its way into the Backwards Compatibility Library for Xbox.

Announced via Twitter by the Xbox’s Larry Hyrb, LEGO Indiana Jones joins the iconic toy brand versions of Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Star Wars as titles available for download from the Xbox Store.

The announcement did receive some positive feedback from the Twitter community, however a vast majority of users took the opportunity to express their angst that Call of Duty Black Ops II is yet to be made into a Backwards Compatible title. Twitter users were full of other suggestions to bring to the online catalog, and one even had confirmation (of sorts) from EA Games of their request. One person called for Dead Space 2 and 3 to be brought into the list, and the response from developers EA was, “We’ll be adding more back compatible games as they’re made available – stay tuned!”

The Xbox Backwards Compatibility Library includes many classic titles, ranging from Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption through to Telltale Games’ version of Jurassic Park. LEGO Indiana Jones may not have proven to be the most iconic of LEGO titles ever made, but it still brings plenty of nostalgia and enjoyment. The music and cut scenes alone make the title worth a play for any fans of the movies.

For any further developments surrounding the Xbox Backwards Compatibility Catalog, including any news from EA on a possible Dead Space addition, keep checking back with Gamespresso.

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