Realms, Minecraft’s server subscription server service, has been updated to add 3 new template maps with games, exploration, and parkour.

The first of the new maps is The Forgotten Book by Foleros and tomaxed. It’s a pre-made map and story with cutscenes, voiceovers, textures and custom mechanics. You can even grapple onto walls, showing off the customization of modern Minecraft. “Starting the map drops you right into the story and presents you with a world that you won’t want to leave.”

10 Minute Parkour, by FantomLX, iWacky, and Tiliba, is an exciting custom jumping puzzle map. You’ll be dropped into a world with 101 randomized level with custom blocks that can help or hinder you. Finishing a level gives you a point, while skipping a level takes a point away, giving you and your friends a chance to compare scores.

Finally, we have Elytron, by Theticman and ChildOfStars. It’s a game with its own carefully programmed Tron-esque game mechanics. Players will glide around the map, leaving glass walls behind them that they can use to trap opponents.

This 3D light-bikes-like mechanic adds a new level to minigames. The name itself is two puns, with elytron being the wing of a beetle, and Tron, which is pretty sweet.

All 3 maps are available now for subscribers, with information on how to load them on the help page.

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