We are now officially less than a month away from the launch of the Nintendo Switch. Seems like it has been an eternity since we were calling it the mysterious NX. No doubt, however, there is still at least a bit of mystery going into the release of this new console. To help clear of some things and make sure everyone knows the basics, Nintendo has released a hardware overview video on YouTube.

So, what does this video explain? The Nintendo Switch is a gaming console that can be played at home or on the go. When the actual console is placed into the dock, it can be played through your television that it is currently connected with. In this TV Mode, you can play with the Joy-Con controllers in the grip or separately, for a more relaxed experience.

When the Nintendo Switch console is taken out of the dock, it performs like a handheld device, able to play wherever you go. It can also be charged with any Type-C USB. You can also stand the console up out of the dock, for Tabletop Mode. This is perfect for multiplayer games, where each person gets their own Joy-Con controller. Each of these can be held sideways to act as a full controller without matching with the other.

Up to 8 Nintendo Switch consoles can also connect through Wi-Fi for more intense multiplayer action. All of this information should have any gamer aching for March 3rd to arrive as fast as possible.

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